Pre-Registered Companies


  • International Banking Licenses
  • Insurance Licenses
  • On line Gaming Licenses
  • Brokerage License


  • International Business Companies (IBC)
  • Fully serviced offices in Mutsamudu
  • Citizenship Program

Please also note all pre-registered companies have listed nominee directors and shareholders, the Directors will immediately resign in favour of the new directors and the shares will be transferred as requested.

For a full list of pre-registered companies with Licenses please contact

Pre-registered Companies with Licenses include the following documents:

  1. International Business Company

  2. International License

  3. Certificate of incorporation

  4. Certificate of Tax exemption

  5. Certificate of Good Standing

  6. Certificate of Incumbency

  7. Memorandum and articles of Association / Constitution

  8. Memorandum of a share company

  9. Share transfer

Each Company and License will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, It is possible to purchase a Company with a License for more than 12 months subject to authorisation and confirmation.

Note the cost of these pre-registered companies with Licenses do NOT include due diligence of directors.

All pre-registered Companies with Licenses are available immediately after the due diligence is completed. All due diligence MUST be in English, if due diligence is provided in a foreign language a translation must be provided and certified.