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  • International Banking Licenses
  • Insurance Licenses
  • On line Gaming Licenses
  • Brokerage License


  • International Business Companies (IBC)
  • Fully serviced offices in Mutsamudu
  • Citizenship Program

Mister Anissi CHAMSIDINE
Governor of the autonomous Island of Anjouan (appointed December 27, 2010)

Madam Assiati ABDALLAH
Commissioner of basic Health, Solidarity and the Promotion of Kind, Human Rights, Government Spokesman

Mister Sidi MASKATI
Commissioner of the Security of the Island, Decentralized Cooperation, Diaspora, Community Administration, Public Function, Work and Job, In charge of the Relations with the Institutions of the Union and Island

Mister Said Ali MOHAMED
Commissioner of the basic Teaching, Apprenticeship, Basic Professional Formation, Culture, Youth and Sports

Commissioner of the Economy

Mohamed ELARIF
Finances, Budget, Commerce and Investment

Mister Djamal KAZOUINE
Commissioner of the Promotion of the Kind, Craft Industry, Ecotourisme and Relations with the non-governmental organization of development

Mister Djanfar AHMED SAID
Commissioner of the Territorial Administration, Infrastructures, Transportation, Information, Telecommunications, Urban Planning and Habitat

Mister Dhoihir DHOULKAMAL
General Secretary of the Governorate

Mister Soilihi MOUSSA
General Secretary of the Council of Commissioners

Mister Abdou-El-Anziz Sad ATTOUMANI
Chief of Protocol

Mister Chamsidine ACHIRAFI
Director of Cabinet